Everyone deserves
good cheese

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We believe that if we want an authentic plant product that can live up to the true cheese experience, we need our plants to go through the process that is tailored as perfectly to plant proteins as the cheese making process has been for cows milk. No easy feat! But we just knew that no amount of colorants and added flavors blended together with simple fat and starch would give us the cheesy experience we wanted from plants. So we got to work.

With our approach, we have created a process for a plant based product that is so unique, we were able to write a patent on it. But it is still so familiar, it can be implemented in existing dairies, without changing the equipment or staff!

Meet the FÆRMily:

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Andrea Donau

Co-Founder & CEO

As a foodie through and through, Andrea studied Food Technology at the Technical University of Denmark, letting her passion for commercial application of food innovation fully take hold. FÆRM also fulfills another of Andreas biggest passions, that is, pitching, presenting, and convincing people that good business and product development aren’t actually incompatible with crop tops and pink hair pieces.

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Mikkel Dupont

Co-Founder & CMO

As the cheese-allergic addition to the founding team, Mikkel had a personal interest in the success of the FÆRM mission. Having focused on go-to-market strategies and marketing while studying cand.merc.(jur.) at Copenhagen Business School, he knew that he could take FÆRM to the next level. Having to find an excuse for why he likes colorful cans of microbrewed beer, he has taken a professional interest in the branding and business strategy of modern microbreweries.

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Anna Gundorph

Co-Founder & CSO

Sustainability runs through the veins of Anna. As a consumer, Anna has seen how companies and individuals must balance the pragmatic options for environmental concerns, while steering clear of meaningless green-washing. Taking sustainability responsibility to a more holistic view, Anna is also the key to maintaining sustainable working practices at FÆRM by being head for internal HR. Anna also ensures that the rest of us feel really old.

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Astrid Bonke

Head of Development

Having toured most of the cheese-loving places in the world with her cheesy family, Astrid went on to study Dairy Science and Technology, after discovering she liked biochemistry a whole lot better if she could eat it. Starting to question her conscience around dairy products, she went into development of plant based dairy alternatives and later secured a job in the department of Plant Based Food at Copenhagen University. When Astrid met FÆRM, she fell in love

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Martina Weibull

Head of Research

Taking the long way around to protein chemistry, our Swedish beacon of knowledge came to us straight after finishing her masters degree. Having immersion skills like no ones business, Martina goes head first into understanding what goes behind the biochemistry of each of our products, as well as planning elaborate themes for each of our work parties. Martina serves an extra purpose of always telling the rest of us that one (1) hour of travel time isn’t actually that much.

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Sanne Tavares

R&D Specialist

Having already completed a masters degree back in the U.S. of A, Sanne decided to see what the Danes could add to her biology pallette in terms of sustainability, after she moved to Copenhagen 6 years prior. While studying sustainable biotechnology, she joins the basement, providing us with much needed fresh ideas, being the only one who can actually smile while washing tons of labware, and having an absolute black hole in her back pocket of things we can use whenever we have some McGuyver idea to fix the lab. In the fall, she will write her thesis on isolation of novel coagulants at FÆRM.

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Sam Rahbar

Creative Director

With a creative mind as curly as his hair, we acquired Sam from Design & Innovation at DTU. Together with his 3D printer and a love for subtractive color models, he is maker of all things pink at FÆRM, including this very site. Being the only person in FÆRM able to drive a car, Sam serves a sidegig as the dark and handsome chauffeur when the bosses go to partners in the farthest corners of the kingdom. Sam is also credited with being the tallest member of FÆRM.